First Impressions; or Pride and Appreciation

As the newest staff member at the Cranbrook Center for Collections and Research, I am on a HUGE learning curve.  I knew, taking this position, that Cranbrook had a deep and rich history, and a long association with famous artists, designers, and architects.  However, my first days here were spent touring campus, witnessing just what those associations created.

My first impressions of the cultural properties I will be working with are “Wow! What?! Cool.”  I hope in the coming months to be able to share some of those moments on the Kitchen Sink, but here are my first three:

Wow: Green Lobby, Kingswood School.

Kingswood School Green Lobby, photographer George W. Hance, 1932. Cranbrook Archives.

Kingswood School Green Lobby, photographer George W. Hance, 1932. Cranbrook Archives.

What: The 319-acre campus was designated a National Historic Landmark on June 29, 1989 for its significant architecture and design – 319-acres full of cultural properties!

Cool: Thornlea – and I get to explore all the rooms.

Leslie S. Mio, Assistant Registrar, Cranbrook Center for Collections and Research

2 thoughts on “First Impressions; or Pride and Appreciation

  1. Welcome Leslie,

    I liked your article for Kitchen Sink, the Green Lobby is famous at Kingswood and so beautiful when new!!!

    I am a volunteer at Archives on Tuesday. I’ve served for 20 years and have volunteered for ales lie a long time. I cannot count all the projects accomplished in that time. I was a docent for Cranbrook House, served on the Cranbrook House & Gardens Auxiliary Board as Cultural Properties Chair for 15 years and Archives. Both of my granddaughters graduated from Kingswood School, so I’m familiar with the renowned Cranbrook Campus as well.

    I’m not surprised that you find the Cranbrook Campus and everything contained within fascinating!!! We all do!!! Cultural Properties was an interesting endeavor and my work at Archives blended with it so well!!! I love both! Content dm is a wonderful tool, which I helped get approved while serving on the Auxiliary Board. The files and inventories that have been updated, in the last several years, are so professional compared to when I served as Cultural Properties Chair.

    I’m happy to see someone specifically assigned to Cultural properties, at last, the collections at Cranbrook are vast, unique and wonderful to learn about. If I can ever help you with Cultural Properties just let me know!!!

    Have fun and hope to meet you soon!

    Lois Ann Harsh,


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