Photo Friday: Swimming in Lake Jonah, 1953


Lake Jonah, 1953. Cranbrook Archives.

With the start of May, spring has finally arrived at Cranbrook.  Flowers bloom, warm breezes sweep through the hills, and the various campus lakes look more and more inviting with each passing day.  Swimming in Lake Jonah is strictly forbidden, of course, but once upon a time the lake functioned as the campus swimming pool.  Here, students at the 1953 Cranbrook Academy of Art Summer Institute learn to swim in Lake Jonah, while in the background other students contemplate the possibility of canoeing.

One thought on “Photo Friday: Swimming in Lake Jonah, 1953

  1. Heh-heh..

    Not only was it great fun to ride bikes up and down the sides of Jonah when it was being filled each May, but games of power Frisbee across the pool were terrific ways to while away a few summer hours. I well remember turning over my tag under the watchful eye of (lifeguard and math teacher) Pete DeWitt. What isn’t recorded—until now—is how, when Carl Wonnberger would do pool-length laps, Bruce McDonald would swim underneath and release a steady stream of bubbles—much to our amusement!


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