Photo Friday: Cranbrook Soda Fountain

Students at the Cranbrook School Soda Fountain, May 1955.

Students at the Cranbrook School Soda Fountain, May 1955.  Historic Photograph Collection, Cranbrook Archives.

We were all set to write something pithy and charming about boarding school life and 1950s Cranbrook, but let’s be serious: it’s Friday, and we all wish there was still a soda fountain on campus.  Who wants to build one?

P.S. stop by the Cranbrook Archives reading room sometime if you want to see one of those original Cranbrook School pennants still in action!

One thought on “Photo Friday: Cranbrook Soda Fountain

  1. I think the stools were long gone by ’66, but we sure enjoyed having a grill available to us during our morning break. The big seller was always a fried balogna sandwich at 10:15. Next door to Ev’s barbershop was a poster shop for a few of those late-’60s years; it held much of the same sort of inventory as The Village Green in the Continental Market in Birmingham. I can still see a Salvadore Dali poster on the wall of that shop.


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