Kitchen Sink Caption Contest: What is Bud West Thinking?

Welcome to the first ever Kitchen Sink caption contest!  This historic photograph features Bud West, a Cranbrook Academy of Art graduate and painting instructor at Kingswood, viewing an exhibition of David Berger’s work mounted at Kingswood in 1957.   As historians, we would never dare to presume what he’s thinking – which just means that we need you to do it for us!  Leave us your entries in the comments, and the winning caption (chosen by an extraordinarily scientific system of “whatever makes us laugh the most”) might just make it into a future Photo Friday post!*

And if you’re interested in painting at Cranbrook in the mid-century period, be sure to visit Cranbrook Art Museum to see the upcoming exhibition What to Paint and Why: Modern Painters at Cranbrook, 1936-1974Curated by Chad Alligood, the art museum’s 2012-2013 Jeanne and Ralph Graham Collections Fellow, the exhibition opens June 14.

Bud West

* Be sure to include a name (real or fake) that we can use to identify your entry!

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