Photo Friday Part 2: Bud West Caption Contest Winner!

Apparently, my brain was already celebrating the fourth of July, because I posted Photo Friday on Wednesday (for no other reason than I thought Wednesday was Friday.  By the way, who else thinks today is Saturday?).  So, this week we’re going to  have TWO Photo Fridays.  Remember a few weeks back, when we held a caption contest for this fabulous photo of Clifford “Bud” West?

Our question was simple: what is Bud West thinking?  We had some great answers, but we’ve got to give the win to West’s son, Justin, who said, “What do the cats represent?  Heck, sometimes cats are just cats!”  We swear – only a hint of nepotism was involved in the decision.  Thanks to all who entered, and congrats, Justin!  And a special thanks to my colleagues, who never bothered to mention on Wednesday that I was confused about which day it was.

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