Photo Friday: Fall is Leaf-ing Us

Oriental Bridge, 1980.  Balthazar Korab, photographer.

Oriental Bridge, 1980. Balthazar Korab, photographer.

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.     –Albert Camus

Fall is probably my favorite time of year, and on the Cranbrook campus, there is no lack of beautiful spots to capture on film.  Though taken nearly 25 years ago, this photo captures the beauty and serenity found all around us.  Built before 1914, the bridge was originally called the Japanese bridge and was made of arched cypress.  How do we know this?  George Booth had meticulous inventories taken in the early days and every piece of wood, metal, and otherwise was accounted for!  Now, the bridge, part of the Oriental Gardens and known as the Oriental bridge, is painted red and is one of the centerpieces of  the gardens meticulously maintained by members of the Cranbrook House and Gardens Auxiliary.

With the recent winds and rain, the leaves are fast falling from the trees and gracing us with a different set of vistas.    Good-bye autumn leaves until next year.

Leslie E. Edwards, Head Archivist

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