Election Day: Mayor Vettraino

Dominick Vettraino at the wheel of Cranbrook's Fire Truck, ca. 1936. Vettraino Family Papers, Cranbrook Archives.

Dominick Vettraino at the wheel of Cranbrook’s Fire Truck, ca. 1936. Vettraino Family Papers, Cranbrook Archives.

In honor of Election Day I wanted to feature Cranbrook and the polls! In 1958, Cranbrook’s Dominick Vettraino was elected as mayor of Bloomfield Hills, the first native born Bloomfield Hills resident to hold the position!

Dominick Vettraino was the eldest son of Michael and Michaela Vettraino.  Mike was grounds superintendent for Cranbrook from 1905-1955 and all of his children except Dominick were born at Cranbrook. Dominick started working with his father on the grounds when he was 16 years old, and after Mike’s retirement, took over the position of superintendent.  In addition, he contributed substantially to the surrounding community.   After studying at the University of Michigan’s Fire School he was named chief of the Cranbrook Fire Department. He and his brother John Vettraino converted a Ford chassis into Cranbrook’s first fire truck, and eventually Dominick served as the head of Cranbrook’s Police Department.

After his many Cranbrook achievements he went on to serve the larger community of Bloomfield Hills.

Stefanie Dlugosz, Collections Fellow, Center for Collections and Research

4 thoughts on “Election Day: Mayor Vettraino

  1. My dear uncle and godfather! I like this picture. The city of Rochester MI currently has a City Manager named Jayes Vettraino…a “shirt tail” relative.


  2. Stefanie, I just reread the text that accompanies the picture of U. Dom. I do have a correction: U. Dom AND my father, John F. Vettraino, worked together to convert that Ford chassis for the fire truck. Thanks. Cecilia


    • Cecilia,
      Thank you so much for providing that information, I apologize as in my research I didn’t come across that. Thank you for setting the record straight! I have amended above, and will add this information to the research files! Best, Stefanie.


  3. A very enlightening story of important family members who greatly contributed their talents to the Cranbrook Community and surrounding area. I enjoy every article, Thank you!!


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